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Emirates Airlines to invest $2 billion for flight upgrade

Emirates has decided to do a host of upgrades right from the cabin to the inflight experience

[Source photo: Anvita Gupta/Fast Company Middle East]

Emirates Airlines has announced that it plans to improve the inflight experience for customers and has set aside a massive budget of $2 billion, which will be used to redo the interiors of over 120 aircraft with modern aesthetics and many more features such as onboard food offerings, inflight entertainment options, service, and cabins.

Already known for offering premium experience, the airline wants to ensure the customer experience is a notch above the rest. At a time when most airlines are looking for ways to increase revenues and cut down on costs, Emirates has already started this ambitious overhaul project.

In a press statement, Emirates said it would invest “a record amount of money into new or reupholstered seats, new paneling, and new flooring. First class is already seeing new menus, while business and economy class passengers will get a new menu from September 1.”

Other upgrades that Emirates plan to include are elevated meal choices, a brand-new vegan menu, and a ‘cinema in the sky’ experience. 

The airline has decided to offer way more options on its vegan menu to respect people’s dietary choices. At the same time, the first-class experience will include rare delicacies like Persian caviar and Dom Perignon vintage champagne. Emirates has the exclusive agreement to offer the luxury brand as a part of its onboard menu.

Emirates says these improvements, some seemingly minor in the overall flight experience, add to a better flight and make travel more enjoyable.

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