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All coffee aficionados must try these five experiences in Dubai

From one-of-a-kind coffee academy to a psychedelic cafe, here are some of the interesting places that need to be on your list

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“Wake up and smell the coffee” is more than just a metaphor. Coffee can be as mundane as a to-go cup of murky swill from your local cafe or as exciting as experiences that change your coffee-loving lives.

In Dubai, the average coffee lover is no stranger to the offerings of international brands such as Starbucks and Tim Hortons. However, there are some local coffee jaunts taking things to another level. 

For those who believe good coffee is one of the last truly affordable luxuries, here are five of the best coffee experiences.

Dubai Coffee Museum

Located in the Al Fahidi district, the museum immerses patrons in the world of coffee, showcasing the history of coffee and its importance in different cultures and periods. Visitors can see ancient brewing, harvesting, roasting techniques, and different methods of preparing the drink, such as Ethiopian and Japanese coffee. The museum is for coffee lovers who want to go beyond the scope of just enjoying coffee as a drink. It is for those who wish to understand the history and culture behind the drink, delivered to them in a fun and exciting manner. 

Mattina Artisan Roastery

Offers a wide range of premium coffee from all around the world and claims to diligently extract the perfect aroma and flavors from each coffee bean. It boasts a Coffee Academy where a selection of barista skills and coffee latte art courses are offered. Through these courses, people can brush up on their barista skills and learn how to brew a solid cup of coffee professionally. After completing the courses, students receive an official Italian barista method certificate. In collaboration with the Espresso Academy Firenze in Italy and the Specialty Coffee Association, the roastery provides courses for baristas, manual brewing, latte art, and cupping. Although the classes are targeted toward those who wish to work as baristas in specialty coffee houses, the courses can be taken by just about anyone looking to enhance their coffee-making skills. 

Goldbox Roastery

It’s a cafe that offers a wide variety of micro blends — a process of blending beans sourced from different areas in small amounts. It offers a monthly coffee subscription, where customers receive a set amount of beans every month, with a rotation in the sourcing and blending of the beans occurring every month. This exposes coffee lovers to a variety of beans, out of which they may purchase more if they please. From sourcing their specialty beans from a diverse range of countries to using high-grade roasting techniques, Goldbox ensures that only the absolute best goes into preparing their coffee so their customers can truly enjoy luxury coffee. This experience is for those who truly want to indulge and wish to get the most out of their love of coffee. 

Forever Rose Cafe

Amongst the hundreds of cafes in the UAE, there are bound to be a few that stand out. This is one of those cafes. Not just their coffee, the cafe set-up is wildly interesting and should be a stop for anyone who enjoys coffee. What started as a simple flower shop in London in 1999 has become one of the unique attractions in the UAE. Specializing in cakes and pastries, coffee lovers can enjoy a warm cup alongside some tasty treats. The psychedelic setting of the cafe transports customers into a two-dimensional atmosphere, giving them the impression that they are sitting in an animated cartoon.

RAW Coffee Company

A specialty coffee brand in Al Quoz, it is not your run-of-the-mill roastery. Alongside a vibrant cafe serving top-quality coffee and food, RAW also offers artisan classes in coffee making and baristas. From their sensory classes teaching its students how to understand not just coffee but other foods using their senses, the coffee company offers a variety of classes to help people better understand coffee. Specializing in offering sustainably sourced coffee beans of the highest quality, this is a must-visit for coffee lovers.

P.S: Time your coffee to have the most positive impact on your day. This writer took the final sip of his third cup of coffee of the day right before finishing this piece. 

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