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World’s first hydrogen-powered flying boat unveiled at Future Innovation Summit in Dubai

The SeaBubble capsules are similar to another flying hydrogen boar called The Jet set to be launched in Dubai by 2023.

[Source photo: Anvita Gupta/Fast Company Middle East]

The Middle East’s hydrogen fuel market is expected to be worth $11 trillion by 2050. As more green vehicles are manufactured, the hydrogen fuel will also become 80% cheaper.

Among vehicles that use clean fuels, the world’s first hydrogen-driven flying boat was unveiled at the Future Innovation Summit in Dubai, showcasing the future of green mobility. The capsule developed by SeaBubbles packs high energy density and high-performance motors in an extremely lightweight structure. The combination allows the vehicles to defy gravity and glide above the water.

The emission-free hybrid boat can carry eight to 12 passengers and runs on hydrogen and electricity. SeaBubbles envisions deploying a fleet to create jobs for fabrication, piloting, maintenance, and integration. The flying boat is intended to contribute toward achieving net-zero mobility by 2050.

A similar innovation called The Jet ZeroEmission is also on track to launch in Dubai by 2023. It can travel at 40 knots, three feet above the water’s surface. The jet will be introduced at the COP28 climate conference in Dubai next year.

Major oil producer Saudi Arabia aims to bolster its position among the top suppliers of green hydrogen to a world moving towards zero emissions. It plans to manufacture hydrogen-powered vehicles while developing one of the world’s largest green hydrogen units in NEOM. Apart from cars and boats, small experimental aircraft that use hydrogen are also being tested for more than a decade. These compact planes can set the stage for emission-free aviation.

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