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UAE industrial sector set to attract global investments, says Dr Sultan Al Jaber

The UAE aims to create sustainable economy based on advanced technology by enhancing the role of industrial players.

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The UAE aims to enhance its global standing as an attractive destination for investment by bolstering the industrial sector’s contribution to the national economy through key initiatives.

Highlighting its commitment to supporting local players’ role in transforming the UAE into a key destination for global industrial companies, the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology is heading several initiatives that encourage the growth of the sector.

At a recent visit to electronic waste company Enviroserve, and a Unilever factory, Dr Sultan Al Jaber, Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology, UAE, said, “Through these visits, we aim to discuss ways to provide a supportive business environment for local and international investors in the industrial sector, in line with the Ministry’s strategy to transform the UAE into a major hub for future industries and advanced industries, as well as assist in opening up new regional and global markets to UAE-made products.”

“Today, we are witnessing significant development embodied by the likes of Dubai Industrial City, attracting global industrial projects by providing the environment and solutions that support their growth. This confirms the ability of the UAE industrial sector to attract quality investments,” Dr Al Jaber added.

The minister said the UAE invites all industrialists to benefit from the “substantial competitive advantages available in the UAE” providing them with the opportunity to realize their ambitions in manufacturing, developing and exporting their products. “We follow up on all innovative industrial projects and focus on ensuring we develop an environment that contributes to their success,” Dr Al Jaber added.

The Minister also highlighted the nation’s commitment to enhance the competitive advantages of national products to establish a sustainable knowledge-based economy based on advanced technology.

He further stated that the Ministry will continue to cooperate with local partners to implement its strategic goals and achieve the vision of the leadership that aims to encourage the growth of the industrial sector, improve its performance and enhance its competitiveness and productivity through a comprehensive qualitative leap that contributes to advancing the pivotal position of industry and raising its stakes in the GDP in line with the bold ambitions of the UAE for the next 50 years.

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