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TikTok now makes it easier to give credit to creators of viral trends—here’s how

TikTok creators have long spoken about the lax culture of credit on the app. New tools help users give credit where credit is due.

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It’s virtually impossible to find the originator of a trend on TikTok once it’s reached a level of ubiquity. In an effort to make sure creators are getting their just due on the app, TikTok unveiled a few new tools that help users properly attribute content to the person who created it.

TikTok creators have long spoken about the lax culture of credit on the app, especially Black creators. Many of the popular dances that took over people’s “For You Pages” were created by Black users who seldom received credit when their dances were mimicked. The creators have long asked for TikTok to recognize this issue, and in February 2022, the app rolled out a “Crediting Creators” tab on its creator portal. The portal also provides insight into how creators can trace their steps backward to find out how a trend started and give credit where it’s due.

They invited Black TikTokers to explain what it means to originate a trend, how to find the original creators, and urged people to take steps toward doing so if they are participating in a trend.

The app itself took its own advice and added new ways to tag and credit creators. To use the new tool, just follow three simple steps:

  • Create a video on TikTok.
  • When ready to post, you’ll see a new “video” icon.
  • Click it, and it gives you an option to choose a video from favorites, liked, a video that you posted, or one using the same sound.
  • After it’s selected, it’ll show up in the captions as a mention.

TikTok goes on to emphasize in a blog post about the new features that it is aware of the “culture of credit” taking shape on its platform “to support underrepresented creators in being properly credited and celebrated for their work.”

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