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SirajPower to deliver hybrid energy to Abu Dhabi’s Cleanco Waste Treatment

The deal will help Cleanco Waste Treatment reduce its carbon footprint, and save up to 685 tons of carbon dioxide.

[Source photo: Anvita Gupta/Fast Company Middle East]

Landfills and wastewater contribute the most to the carbon footprint of waste, which accounts for 3% of the total greenhouse gas emissions globally. But even wastewater treatment plants emit 23% more harmful gases, including methane and nitrous oxide, while filtering detergents and fossil fuels from water. Turning towards clean energy to power these processes can make waste management more sustainable.

To reduce fossil fuel consumption at one such waste treatment plant in the UAE, Dubai-based SirajPower has signed a deal with Abu Dhabi’s Cleanco. A solar-diesel battery unit will be set up as part of the agreement to power operations of Cleanco Waste Treatment (CWT), which is among the leading medical waste collectors in the UAE. SirajPower will develop a 2 MVA solar-diesel facility, a hybrid power source that combines solar cells, a diesel generator, and a battery.

Supported by solar power, CWT can reduce its carbon footprint significantly, saving up to 685 tons of carbon dioxide annually, putting the company’s waste management operations in line with UAE’s vision for sustainability.

Cleanco also provides services to transport and treat waste for the private and public sectors in the UAE. At the same time, SirajPower funds builds and operates solar power solutions for commercial and industrial purposes.

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