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Sharjah sees the positive impact of four-day work week

A study reveals that a 40% dip in road accidents and a drastic dip in vehicular pollution were noticed.

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A recent study has revealed how a shorter work week in Sharjah has created a positive impact.

The report states that ever since Sharjah adopted a four-day work week, there has been a significant drop in the region’s road-related accidents and deaths. The shorter work week has also increased productivity and improved work quality, efficiency, and speed. The cumulative impact of these could be observed in better customer satisfaction.

The study highlighting the impact of a shorter work week was presented during a meeting of the Sharjah Executive Council. It revealed that the traffic accidents decreased by 40% after the new working conditions were implemented. Other impacts of the shortened working week were reduced vehicular pollution and a significant drop in the emission of harmful gasses like carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, etc.

The analysis was done based on experiences from the policing, environment, human resources, and financial sectors. It also studied the finances and expenses, revenues, and various other factors and stated that this new work arrangement has improved government agencies’ financial performance.

To recall, starting January 1 this year, Sharjah had shifted to a 4-day work week after the UAE federal government adopted a four-and-a-half-day work routine, with Friday being a half day. It was expected that three days off would not only ease the traffic congestion but also give people enough time to spend with their families.

Several European countries have followed suit ever since the shortened work week was adopted in the region. Belgium shifted to a four-day working week in February, while the UK switched in June. While Scotland plans to try the new working week in 2023, the Welsh government is still considering the proposal.

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