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Ritz Carlton in Dubai to launch hyperlocal hydroponic farm

The luxury hotel chain is incorporating self-sufficiency in food by betting big on technology and innovation.

[Source photo: Anvita Gupta/Fast Company Middle East]

To focus on food security and regenerative farming practices, the Ritz-Carlton Dubai JBR has partnered with Green Container Advanced Farming (GCAF) to launch a hyperlocal on-site hydroponic farm, which is one of the first-ever vertical farms in the city.  

The vertical farm at The Ritz-Carlton Dubai measures 40 square meters in size and is completely sealed to ensure it is pesticide and herbicide-free. The farm aims to grow crops year-round with daily harvests of up to ten kilograms of produce.

The freshly-grown herbs will include Italian and Thai basil, rosemary, lettuce, salanova mix, and kale. The produce will enhance the dishes served at the property’s dining establishments, including Blue Jade, Splendido, Amaseena, and more.

As the first Marriott property in the region to establish a vertical farm, the Ritz-Carlton, Dubai supports the UAE’s ambitious food security goals, the company said in a statement. 

The hydroponic technique employed by the resort eliminates the need for soil to grow crops and reduces the amount of water required by close to 90% compared to traditional farming techniques. Also, with the installation of the farm on-site, the carbon footprint is significantly reduced. By harvesting several herbs, microgreens, lettuce, and other ingredients at the hydroponic facility, the hotel will also offer daily delivery of local produce. 

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