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Qatar’s premier healthcare provider encourages people to use online services

Qatar’s Hamad Medical Corporation offers an online medical report service that allows patients or their relatives to download digital reports from their homes.

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The usage of technology in the field of healthcare has brought a massive revolution that has helped everyone around us. One such benefit is online reports, allowing people to access reports anytime.

This is why Qatar’s premier health care provider Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), has urged people to avail the online services (first introduced in November 2020) to get their reports. 

According to Nayef Al Shammari, executive director of Media Relations at HMC, the patients looking for their medical reports can submit the request through the HMC website and download them once ready. However, the patients who still need the hard copies can get the same delivered to their doorstep via Qatar Post.

To address security and privacy-related issues, the application for online reports must carry the mobile number registered with their Hamad Health Card. Additionally, patients must enter their Qatar ID, health card number, mobile number, and email address while requesting a report. A credit card can be used to make payments for the report charges.

A medical report can be requested by anyone aged above 18, parents for their children or grandchildren, adult children for their parents or grandparents, siblings, spouses, and guardians with the relevant paperwork.

As per Shammari, a medical report may take up to 14 days, while a laboratory/diagnostic report might get prepared as early as three working days.

The introduction of an online reporting service has simplified the previously long process of submitting a request, queuing up to pay the fee, and later having to revisit to collect the documents. 

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