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Netflix launches ‘Because She Created’ program with Sard for Egyptian women

The program aims to create new opportunities for underrepresented communities within the entertainment industry.

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Streaming platform Netflix collaborates with writer’s hub Sard to train Egyptian women in screenwriting and discover untapped talent.

Under the ‘Because She Created’ program, 20 women, who are not based in Cairo, will be upskilled in creative writing and storytelling. The program will also help offer industry insights and help in their creative and professional development.

This five-day program will be hosted in Cairo and include workshops, classes, creative sessions, industry experts-led talks, and theater and cinema trips. It will teach women ways to collaborate and help explore their curiosity on the subject.

The program is part of Netflix’s Fund for Creative Equity, which aims to create new opportunities for underrepresented communities within the entertainment industry by offering them the required training and guidance.

This initiative was first announced earlier this year when Netflix revealed that it would invest $250,000 towards five Arab female filmmakers in the region. In July, Netflix launched the ‘Because She Created’ collection showcasing 21 films from Arab female filmmakers highlighting the “importance of equitable representation in storytelling.”

Speaking about the program, Mariam Naoum, CEO & Founder of Sard, said, “Sard believes that expressing oneself through writing is the first step to self-discovery, and we’re proud to have discovered talent through this program that we feel will one day become scriptwriters of the future. The Arab world, including Egypt, is ripe with talent. They need a concerted effort and professional support to nurture their growth.”

“Women in the region, in particular, need this kind of incubation and technical support to gain access to opportunities that advance their professional growth in an industry where their presence is still limited. Sard is trying to achieve this through our work and partnerships with organizations like Netflix that help steer talent in the right direction,” she added.

Ahmed Sharkawi, director of Arabic Series, Netflix, said, “We recognize that being part of the creative communities comes with responsibilities, including the need to develop the talent pipeline and give new voices a chance to be heard.”

“We want to create more diverse content to ensure that women are represented both on screen and behind the camera, and partnerships like this allow us to equip them with the skills they need to tell the best version of their stories,” he added.

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