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Most Innovative Companies global list has recognized these Middle Eastern companies

Each year, MIC has recognized revolutionary companies from the region, now the groundbreaking list launches its inaugural Middle East edition.

[Source photo: Venkat Reddy/Fast Company Middle East]

Innovation is not country or region-specific, nor does it restrict itself to a global corporation. When you look at the Middle East as a region, every part of its landscape seems to be kindling the torch of innovation. Whether it be a small start-up in a remote village in Tunis or an enterprise with several rounds of funding in a city, innovation is present everywhere. 

At Fast Company, the attempt to showcase companies that have challenged restrictions to go beyond business as usual has seen Most Innovative Companies recognize outstanding innovative shapers of the economy for the past decade. 

What’s more, businesses from the Middle East have always been integral to the list, especially after COVID-19 and the successes of Arab startups on a global scale. 

A look back at some names that were recognized goes to show how far innovation can assure entrepreneurial success. In 2019, MIC honored Anghami, the region’s leading music streaming platform. Come 2022, Anghami became the first Arab tech company to list on Nasdaq – a moment of pride for the region and a glimpse at the potential of innovation. 

Other Middle East companies listed in 2019 include first and last-mile delivery service Fetchr, ride-hailing app Careem, and environmental concrete technology company ECOncrete, among others.

In 2020 and 2021, the Middle East based companies that received the honor were Egyptian electronic waste collection company Recyclobekia, digital healthcare platform in MEA Vezeeta, asset-light platform Sokowatch, and climate-smart agri-tech solutions provider Desert Control, among others. 

Some known names served as a sign of the times while others sought to fill a gap in the ecosystem. 

In 2022, the information technology company, D-ID, which creates AI-based image-generating software, was one of the Most Innovative Companies. Other local enterprises such as Firstcheck Africa and SOTE were recognized for streamlining Africa’s shipping industry. Nigeria-based platform that enables professionals to access efficient shared transportation, Shuttlers, was also recognized.

The Most Innovative Companies Middle East edition that has just opened to nominations is dedicated to recognizing innovation across 35 categories that cover the length and breadth of not just what’s hot but those that will continue to put innovation before self for the years to come.

Know an enterprise redefining the path of innovation? Ask them to nominate today.

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