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Most Creative People in Business trophy will reflect the lasting legacy of innovation

The trophy design combines the value of design, strength and being bold

[Source photo: Venkat Reddy/Fast Company Middle East]

Contrary to the perception that creative fields are separate from the business, Fast Company Middle East believes creativity is essential for every sector. Innovative minds in various areas such as medicine, manufacturing, tech, and logistics impact the world. And, Fast Company has celebrated creative thinkers and their unconventional solutions for over a decade.

Our trophy, created from solid metal, bears the Fast Company’s initials, reflecting strength, imagination, and design values. The dazzling memento in gold honors how new products are molded from creative ideas for a lasting impact.

Just as the team spent months creating an inclusive list of pioneers from each field, the same level of designing and thought has gone into forging out the Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business trophy. 

The black-tie glittering awards ceremony will be hosted at the Armani Hotel, Dubai and attended by over 200 notable guests and honorees. The awards ceremony will include performances ranging from ballet and opera to stand-up comedy by regional and global talent, followed by a gala dinner.

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