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Microsoft Azure launches new services to boost cloud services in the UAE

The UAE Azure cloud region is among 60 such ecosystems globally and was the first to be established in the Middle East.

[Source photo: Anvita Gupta/Fast Company Middle East]

From AI to cloud services and blockchain, the UAE and Saudi Arabia embrace the latest tech. Global brands such as Google, IBM, and Microsoft collaborate with the regional governments to support digital startups in the region. The demand for cloud computing is further turning the Middle East into a hub for data centers.

Following the rising global attention to the region’s digitization, Microsoft Azure has launched four new services in the UAE. With Azure Purview, Azure Arc enabled servers, Azure Communication, and Azure Machine Learning, Middle Eastern clients can use almost all Azure tools.

By creating a comprehensive, up-to-date map of the shared data in an organization, Azure Purview allows firms to manage information. It uses automated data discovery and enables companies to implement policies regarding sensitive information by classifying it beforehand.

Multiple Windows and Linux servers located outside Azure on the premises of a firm or other clouds can be managed via Azure Arc. It integrates virtual machines and servers for seamless operations of multi-cloud ecosystems. Virtual machines are just files that function like any other computer, without any physical components.

Data scientists can use Azure Machine Learning to create smart models that recognize patterns based on available information. The tool speeds up the development and management of sophisticated machine learning models. It introduces open-source interoperability to facilitate collaboration on the ML model.

Azure Communication Services is an Application Programming Interface (API) that supports the deployment of video calling and messaging apps. It facilitates the integration of apps with Microsoft Teams, allowing them to provide seamless voice and video calling. Services can be deployed through websites and mobile apps through Azure Communication.

The UAE cloud region is among 60 Microsoft Azure ecosystems across the globe. The tech giant formed partnerships with infrastructure, safety, and healthcare organizations in the region during the pandemic. Now Microsoft is empowering them to manage multi-cloud ecosystems and implement unified data governance.

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