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Metaverse developer Bedu brings the third phase of web evolution to the UAE

Bedu's first collection of NFTs will track the UAE's rise from an oil producing nation to a contender in the global space race.

[Source photo: Venkat Reddy/Fast Company Middle East]

The third phase of the web’s evolution fueled by AI and blockchain tech will blur the lines between the physical and virtual realities. From fashion to food and entertainment, firms in every sector are vying for a space in the metaverse.

UAE-based firm Bedu is bringing its expertise in Web3 technologies with founders that have worked with brands and the public sector for decades. It has forayed into two business verticals with Bedu Labs and Bedu World. Bedu Labs is a virtual NFT factory that supports the creation and development of Web3 projects and digital assets.

Digital creators can use Bedu Labs to promote their NFTs and will receive training for protecting intellectual property. On the other hand, Bedu World will pave the way for creating a metaverse. It promises a breakthrough in visual implementation and a digital economy powered by blockchain and the trade of virtual tokens.

Bedu’s first NFT collection, From Desert to Mars, will be created by seven creative and influential international artists. The artworks will highlight the beginning of the UAE’s journey with the discovery of oil and then showcase the rise of real estate. The collection will end with NFTs based on the UAE’s surge in the global space race.

Among its founders, Khalid Al Huraimel is a tech entrepreneur who has founded several startups. With him, Misha Hanin is one of Microsoft’s 500 certified masters globally and has 30 years of experience. Their co-founder Matti Zinder is a serial investor who has been supporting tech firms for three decades.

The UAE is already home to the world’s first NFT gallery for Islamic art and firms like Roar designing interiors for the metaverse. Real-world properties in Dubai are also being replicated in the metaverse to be sold as NFTs. Bedu integrates virtual reality, AI, and NFTs to provide a complete Web3 package for the UAE.

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