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Egyptian startup uses AI to plan and fund social media advertising for small firms

The firm uses AI to match businesses with social media platforms based on growth targets and then funds their ad spend.

[Source photo: Anvita Gupta/Fast Company Middle East]

More than 75% of marketers have reported increased traffic for their firms after social media marketing campaigns. But how many small businesses can spend more on online advertising after investing funds in their products?

Egyptian fintech platform FlapKap has expanded beyond offering startups equity to boost their online marketing budgets. It first processes data via AI to provide insights into which social media sites offer the best return on investment. Then, it advises new entrepreneurs on how much to spend on marketing through a particular platform.

After this, the fintech firm fuels cash into the startup’s online advertising campaigns for a small percentage of its earnings. FlapKap keeps the growth targets of SMEs in mind and matches them to the site that offers optimum returns. Startups have flexible options to pay for these services only after advertising has translated into sales.

FlapKap’s founders aim to expand into the Gulf region and see five times more growth potential in Saudi Arabia than in the UAE. The firm has started approaching select clients to build a consumer base with successful case studies.

Besides planning advertising expenses, AI can contribute to marketing via content generation. Smart analytics are also instrumental in providing accurate product recommendations and content curation. About 40% of marketing teams who use AI feel that the investment has led to better sales.

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