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Disney+ to roll out streaming services across 16 countries in the Middle East

The service will be offered on a discount through an introductory pre-launch offer.

[Source photo: Illustrator/Anvita]

During the pandemic, OTT streaming services grew by 30% in the Middle East to reach 10 million subscribers across 18 countries. At this rate, the region will have 30 million viewers for streaming platforms such as Netflix and Starzplay by 2026. But other global players are arriving.

After amassing more than 137 million subscribers globally, Disney+ is set to launch streaming services in 16 countries across the Middle East. Markets including the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt will have access to 1200 movies and over a thousand series on the platform. 

As of now, Shahid VIP, Netflix, and Starzplay are dominating the Middle Eastern OTT market with a 60% share of subscribers between them. As the revenue for streaming services in the Middle East is slated to reach $4 billion a year by 2027, Netflix is poised to earn almost half of it.

Since its arrival, Netflix has backed Arabic language content in the Middle East and inked a pact with Saudi Arabia’s animation studio Myrcott. A popular series in the kingdom previously released on YouTube was also brought back by Netflix, along with anthologies and shows from the country.

But the addition of Disney+ to the OTT landscape can change forecasts for the existing market leaders in the Middle East.

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