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Digital Government Authority in KSA launches a new program to integrate digital services

The program aims to provide a better digital experience through unified platforms and applications.

[Source photo: Venkat Reddy/Fast Company Middle East]

The Digital Government Authority (DGA) in Saudi Arabia has launched an Inclusive Government Program to provide integrated digital services to the government sector. The aim is to accelerate sustainable digital government transformation and increase data sharing among the government agencies to achieve integration.

Eng. Ahmed bin Mohammad Al-Suwayan, the DGA Governor,  stressed that the Inclusive Government Program seeks to provide a better digital experience for the beneficiary through unified platforms and applications, in addition to developing and operating comprehensive government platforms through a set of technologies that enable the authorities to develop, exchange and link services without the need to redesign, test and run the same platforms.

Earlier this year, Saudi Arabia ranked first in the Government Electronic and Mobile Services Maturity Index (GEMS) issued by the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA). The index measures the maturity of government services provided through e-portals and smart applications in various sectors, including education, justice, finance, business, and tourism.

Additionally, the country ranked among the top countries in providing digital government services and interaction with citizens, according to the Digital Maturity Report issued by the World Bank 2021.

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