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Bella Hadid promotes a Palestinian brick-and-mortar record store on Instagram

The celebrity influencer took to Instagram to promote an independent store in New York

[Source photo: Anvita Gupta/Fast Company Middle East]

American model and influencer Bella Hadid was recently seen promoting an independent store belonging to a Palestinian national in New York.

In her Instagram post, which was liked by over a million of her fans, Hadid shared a few images and the address of the music store, and was seen interacting with the owner.

The brick-and-mortar record store is owned by a Palestinian Jamal Alnasr, whom Hadid called her friend and suggested that it has “records for everyone.”

The US supermodel, who has reached 54 million followers on Instagram, has been vocal about her support for Palestine and could be seen interacting with the store owner and talking to him about various records available for sale. The store, known as Village Revival Records NYC, was opened in 1994 as Village Music. It was briefly closed in 2017 but was restarted with a new brand name.

On his website, Alnasr, the store owner, says, “In 1994 I opened my own store called Village Music. Yes, it was my business, but it was also a gathering place. So many people came in just to talk. About Bob Dylan, or Zappa, or Mozart. Because I made it my mission in life. It’s been my way of connecting. If I wasn’t around music, I’m 100 percent sure I’d be gone.”

Hadid’s father, real estate developer Mohamed Hadid, commented on the post, appreciating her for promoting the store, and said, “can’t wait” to visit. “I love you Bella for all you do for your community your family your friends and you beautiful Palestinian people,” he wrote.

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