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See Lego’s stunning new set, which turns Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ into 3D art

It’s ‘Starry Night,’ but in 2,316 pieces.

[Source photo: Lego]

After an immersive experience that took the world by storm, Van Gogh’s Starry Night is coming to your home—in 2,316 pieces.

[Photo: Lego]

Lego has just unveiled its Starry Night set. Inspired by the Dutch painter’s iconic masterpiece, the set uses various techniques to capture the look of the original artwork: 3D elements help the moon, the 11 stars, and the famous swirling cloud stand out, while different-colored Lego bricks, stacked at specific intervals, emulate the signature brush strokes.

[Photo: Lego]

The set also includes a Van Gogh minifigure with a paintbrush, a palette, and a miniature version of Starry Night resting on an easel. All of them can be attached to the main set to make it look like Van Gogh is painting the scene unfolding in front of him—much like Van Gogh painted the view from his window in 1889, at the Saint-Paul asylum in Saint-Rémy, France.

[Photo: Lego]

The Starry Night set was designed by Truman Cheng, a 25-year-old PhD student from Hong Kong. Cheng submitted his idea through the Lego Ideas platform, which gives fans the opportunity to submit their own creations and have their concept brought to life with the help of Lego designers. (Since its launch in 2008, the platform has yielded 41 sets selected for production.) Cheng will get a share of the profits from the Starry Night set.

[Photo: Lego]

Lego has become famous for its themed sets depicting scenes from the likes of Star Wars or Harry Potter, but Starry Night is a prime example of the company’s efforts to create products aimed at adults. In 2020, it launched an art mosaic set inspired by one of Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe portraits (incidentally, the original recently sold for $195 million). And in 2021, it released a floral bouquet and a bonsai tree with pink cherry blossoms, both made of plant-based plastic.

[Photo: Lego]

The Starry Night set was developed in partnership with the Museum of Modern Art, where the original Starry Night has been located since 1935. The set will go on sale on May 25 for Lego and MoMA members. Come June 1, it will be available to everyone else for $169.99.And just in case you were wondering: Yes, the painter’s left ear was already cut off when he painted Starry Night; regrettably, no, the Van Gogh minifigure doesn’t go into that great of detail.

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