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Abu Dhabi launches digital platform for residents to report corruption

The privacy of people reporting corruption and unlawful activities will be protected by the platform.

[Source photo: Anvita Gupta/Fast Company Middle East]

Developing economies across the globe lose more than a trillion dollars to corruption every year. Middle Eastern countries have an average score of 39 out of 100 on the corruption perception index (CPI). Among Arab states, the UAE is performing well with 69 points.

Abu Dhabi’s Accountability Authority has launched a digital platform to report financial and administrative violations to ensure transparency and integrity further. Users can anonymously alert authorities about financial corruption through the Wajib app. The organization is responsible for ensuring accountability across government entities and firms in which the state has 25% stakes.

Consumers, suppliers, and employees can use the app to send confidential reports about unlawful activities of government bodies. The app is designed to protect privacy, and since it is easy to use, it will encourage the community to get involved in fighting corruption. Once reports are received and processed, the person who sent the alert will be contacted to verify the information and their identity through a code sent to their phone.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia had provided initial funding and support for the GlobE network to tackle cross-border corruption. Last year, an app was launched to counter rising financial crimes in Lebanon. The ‘Go To’ platform focused on raising awareness and encouraging the youth to report unlawful activities.

The CPI scores the most corrupt and cleanest countries on a scale of zero to a hundred. The UAE is doing well as the Arab state with the lowest level of corruption on the list. Thanks to digital platforms for reporting wrongdoings, it may even become one of the least corrupt nations globally.

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