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How to find remote-only jobs on the big job sites

Here’s how to find oodles and oodles of remote jobs on your favorite job site.

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Are you being summoned back into the office, but you just don’t feel like giving up those stress-free mornings? Do you love taking meetings from the treadmill? Have you saved a small fortune on lunches?

Well, the good news is that there are exponentially more remote-friendly employers than there used to be. If your boss hasn’t seen the light yet, here’s where to find a new one.


LinkedIn is probably your first stop when looking for a new job, right? You can narrow down your job searches to only show remote offerings, which saves a ton of time.

It’s a bit buried, but click the “All filters” button in the far-right corner of the navigation section at the top of the page. From there, head to the “On-Site/Remote” section, where you’ll find options for on-site, remote, or a hybrid of the two.


Indeed has a pretty straightforward path to remote-only listings. There are two search boxes atop each page. In the “Where” box on the right, simply type “Remote” and choose the remote option from the pre-populated dropdown.


You’ll then be presented with a big list of remote-friendly jobs.


This one was a little tricky, but I found it. Search for a job on Monster.com but leave the location blank.

Then from the search results page, click the Filter button in the upper-right corner and you’ll find a “Remote jobs only” option in the upper-left corner of the window that pops up.


SimplyHired has a straightforward remote-only approach similar to Indeed. There are two search boxes: the one on the right can handle actual geographic locations, or just type “Remote” to see results for remote-only jobs.



In the Jobs section of Glassdoor, you can enter “Remote” as your location in the related search box or you can click the “More” box in the upper-right corner of the job listings and then toggle the “Work From Home Only” option.



Man, ZipRecruiter really wanted me to search for jobs based on location. However, I found I was able to skirt the issue by adding “remote” to the end of the job title in the left search box and then purposely deleting the location in the right-side search box.


Once I did that, it served up remote-based jobs—and plenty of them.


That’s perfectly fine! In fact, there are several great remote-only job search sites. I wrote a column about some of them a while back if you’d like to check it out.

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