Like a sushi conveyor belt, tech stores aim to carve an appeal for gadgets by banking on what’s trending. Some of the trendiest gizmos this season come in compact sizes, proving size isn’t everything. Still, others gain popularity after genuine reviews on social media. 

Here’s a look at some of the most innovative gadgets that seek to simplify life by providing utility functions. We keep the range to under $50 because innovation can be pocket-friendly, or at least aim to be as affordable as possible. 


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Smoothies on the go? After rigorous reviewing, we can attest the portable blenders are totally worth the hype only if you’re interested in blending fruit on the go. The device will amp up your fruit and vegetable intake. It will ensure the convenience of a green path every step of the way. Run on a rechargeable battery and compact design, most portable smoothie makers are fuss-free and easy to navigate. So the next time you’re tempted to order fresh juice, a portable blender might be the best quick fix. The gadget can be used by age groups across categories in many ways. It’s pretty simple: put your fresh fruit of choice in, shut the lid and press the blend button. 

Several smoothie blenders are available on Amazon for $50 providing basic features in a compact design. 


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Ever forgotten to water your plants? It doesn’t get simpler than a self-watering plant pot to keep the earth moist, so your plants flourish even if you’re not the most disciplined person. Practical wheels make it easier to move the plant pot when cleaning.

IKEA has a self-watering planter with wheels for $18.



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Compact and easy to use, this speaker provides the function of portable music with a waterproof function. With a built-in battery,  a frequency range of 110 – 2000 Hz, and Bluetooth connectivity, waterproof wireless speakers are most suitable for water sports or a long-drawn bath.

JBL Go 3 Portable for $40 has speakers available in a range of colors. 


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Sunrise stimulators help you wake up to a gentle sunrise or wind down to restful light in the evening while promoting natural melatonin production. The smart light mimics sunrise and sunset to help your natural body clock ease into a new day. These gadgets assure easy and energetic wake-up experiences without leaving you grumpy in the morning. It’s worth a shot if you’ve had bad mornings for five days of the week. Several smart-sleep wake-up lights with colored sunrise and sunset simulation are available with natural sounds, and a snooze button. Some sunrise stimulators come without the option to replace the lightbulb, which can get inconvenient in case of a fuse.

Several options of the intuitive alarm are available on Amazon for under $50.



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